We carry out concrete strategic and action plans to set up, enhance or extend the driving role of digital business in small and medium-sized enterprises.

Our approach

Services designed to be interconnected by realizing ad-hoc solutions for every need.

Blinkup services

We have grouped the areas of proposed solutions into 6 macro areas, each encapsulating the passion we devote every day to fascinating projects

Digital Check-up

The solution was created to analyze and enhance the level of digitization of companies, specifically for SMEs and multi-sector. Through the modular approach consisting of 3 steps, it identifies the level of digital exposure with evidence of key areas of criticality, development and defining strategies to be implemented to improve economic contribution.


We carry out specific activities using the best available technologies to increase the total economic contribution, quality and visibility of your company.


A highly experienced team in different fields with specific vertical knowledge: from Strategic Marketing to Communication, HR/Counseling, Legal

BKU Network

Blinkup is first of all a network of people, solutions, and products that aim to increase visibility through targeted actions.

Research and Analysis

Through network monitoring systems and trend analysis, we can conduct industry-specific or multi-sector studies and research.

Social Strategy

We support companies in the online visibility of major social media by implementing specific investment strategies and organic positioning.

Digital presence

Simplifying the complexity of the world of web traffic acquisition to help businesses emerge and increase their visibility. Creating digital strategy plans to optimize investments.