The following provides some information and warnings on how the site is operated for the purpose of data protection. Customer/Supplier Disclosure pursuant to Art. 13 L.D. No. 196/2003

The personal personal and tax data acquired directly and/or through third parties by the company Blinkup srl, the data controller, are processed in paper, computer, and telematic form for contractual and legal requirements, as well as to enable effective management of business relationships and also for the purpose of credit protection and better management of our rights related to the individual business relationship.

The e-mail addresses provided may be used by the company to send advertising material related to services similar to those covered by the existing business relationship.

The provision (and related processing by our appointees) of the data themselves is mandatory for all that is required by legal and contractual obligations, and therefore any refusal to provide them or to the subsequent processing may result in the inability of the writer to initiate the same contractual relationships. Failure to provide, on the other hand, all data that are not attributable to legal or contractual obligations will be evaluated from time to time by the writer and will determine the consequent decisions related to the importance of the requested data with respect to the management of the business relationship.

Data may be communicated (subject to legal obligations or EU regulations) in Italy and/or abroad, exclusively for the purposes indicated above and, consequently, processed only for those purposes by the other parties, to:

our network of agents
factoring companies
credit institutions
debt collection companies
credit insurance companies
business information companies
professionals and consultants
companies operating in the transportation sector
companies owned or controlled by the writer.

For the same purposes, data may come to the attention of the following categories of appointees and/or managers: all our appointees, internal and external managers appointed and instructed in writing in accordance with the law in the manner prescribed by the company’s job descriptions; the list of managers and appointees by authorization profile is available at our office.

Data will be processed for the duration of the contractual relationships established and also thereafter for the fulfillment of all legal obligations as well as for future business purposes.

Regarding the same data, your Firm/Company may exercise the rights provided by Art. 7 of Legislative Decree no. 196/2003 within the limits and under the conditions stipulated in Articles 8, 9 and 10 of the aforementioned Legislative Decree.

The data controller is Blinkup Srl, having its registered office at 8/10, Via Roberto Lepetit, 20124 Milan (MI).


The following provides some information and warnings on how is operated for the purpose of data protection.

Processing of personal data

The ownership of the data, conferred voluntarily and processed as a result of the consultation of the site, is attributed to the company Blinkup Srl, headquartered in Via Roberto Lepetit, 8/10, 20124 Milan (MI), Cap 20124, which processes the same data, as well as for the purposes of optimizing the use of the site, for its own statutory and institutional purposes.

The processing is carried out by the owner with paper, computer, telematic methods on computer systems and servers in its availability, by the staff (internal and external) in charge, including the staff of the company Blinkup srl, which processes the data in order to manage the site in the best way with computer and telematic methods.

Blinkup collects data about access and navigation within the site and uses the information collected for technical administration of the site and for any statistical analysis about its use. Blinkup Ltd. may use global statistical data on the type of traffic, and other information related to the site, without disseminating or communicating to third parties data related to individual users.

Any form of dissemination or communication to third parties (except commissioned service providers, within the stated purpose) is excluded. Data subjects may at any time check the data processed and exercise all rights (including those of rectification, updating and deletion) by contacting Accesses to the site are monitored, for statistical purposes only, by Blinkup

Site security measures

Specific security measures have been taken to manage the site, aimed at ensuring secure access and protecting the information contained on the same site from the risk of loss or destruction, even accidental. The antivirus system used for both incoming and outgoing e-mail related to the domain is constantly updated and ensures a high degree of security. In addition, Blinkup Srl., while ensuring in-house adoption of appropriate Antivirus systems, reminds that, in addition to being a legal requirement, it is appropriate for the user to equip their workstation with a prevention and scanning system against virus attack.

Navigation data

The computer systems and software procedures used to operate this website acquire, in the course of their normal operation, some personal data whose transmission is implicit in the use of Internet communication protocols. This information is not collected in order to be associated with identified data subjects, but by its very nature could, through processing and association with data held by third parties, allow users to be identified.

This category of data includes IP addresses or domain names of the computers used by users connecting to the site, the URI (Uniform Resource Identifier) notation addresses of the requested resources, the time of the request, the method used in submitting the request to the server, the size of the file obtained in response, the numerical code indicating the status of the response given by the server (successful, error, etc.) and other parameters related to the user’s operating system and computer environment.

This data is used for the sole purpose of obtaining anonymous statistical information about the use of the site and to check its correct operation and is deleted immediately after processing. The data could be used to ascertain liability in case of hypothetical computer crimes against the site: except for this eventuality, at present web contact data do not persist for more than seven days.

The use of session cookies is strictly functional to optimize the use of the site, and therefore aimed exclusively at ensuring the best navigation within the site itself