The solution to analyze and enhance your company's level of digitization

Discover our solution to analyze the digitization status of your business, enhance your online presence through a forward-looking digital strategy, and monitor progress over time.

We work closely with our partners to create together an exclusive and personalized path aimed at strengthening their online presence.

The main features


The applied methodology allows for intervention only in areas that need strengthening


Made to be applied to different sectors with specific focus on the hospitality and wine sectors


The path of analysis, strategy definition and monitoring is made ad-hoc and customized for the individual business reality


The modular approach makes it possible to intervene in different interconnected operational steps that can be developed at different times

Modular approach

Blinkup’s Digital Check consists of. three dynamic steps which aim to initially define the state of digitization of the business reality in order to develop the strategic plan and operational and activate the third phase of advisoring for monitoring and issuing recommendations aimed at continuous improvement of strategic, operational and tactical activities.

Step 1

Checking the status of digitization

+200 controls
Advanced reporting

Step 2

Strategic and Operational Plan

Action Plan
Fully customized
Optimized for SMEs
Made with SMART methodology

Step 3

Ongoing support activities

Constant control system
Monthly recommendations
Verification of goal achievement

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Main areas of analysis

The following areas represent the macro categories of analysis that are carried out during the Digital Check-up process.

Online distribution

Insights related to the entire domestic and international corporate distribution sector, criticality indices and development of action plans to cover.

Tactical Digital Levers

Analysis of the presidium and ways of interaction of key performance and organic positioning digital web levers (SEA – SEO – Affiliation – Retargeting etc).

Coordinated Image

Check-up of image coordination on own owned – earned – paid media at quality level.


Creation of summary panels aimed at improving understanding of performance and overall digital activities by building mash-up solutions.

Goals and KPIs

Identification of key qualitative and quantitative analysis metrics (KPIs) related to the digital ecosystem. Identification of targets and support for forecasting activities.

Action plan

Ongoing step-by-step analysis of activities and goal achievement (defined through SMART methodology), monthly actions and recommendations.

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Questions and Answers


The Digital Checkup approach is to improve the initial situation by intervening only where necessary.

Check-up stages allow for growth with the business reality both in individual stages and for specific areas of development.

For example, a hotel facility that is part of a chain will be able to benefit from its result to apply areas of criticality to other facilities that are part of the group.

Yes, the modes of development were also made to be developed at different times.

Depending on the complexity of the company’s distribution structure, timelines vary from 2 to 4 weeks.

A call or initial meeting will be arranged to check all active digital channels.

After the audit is completed, a second contact time will be arranged to convey the result of our survey and what strategies can be implemented to strengthen the needed areas. Everything will be encapsulated in a comprehensive report that we will deliver to the company.

Yes the 3 steps we designed can be purchased individually.

For example, a company can make a full assessment of its online presence and decide to implement enhancements on its own.

Another situation may be where a company knows its situation but needs external support with a network of established partners to put in place empowerment tactics and monitor the situation over time.

We will arrange a call or a cognitive meeting to better understand the goals.

We will then propose the best path to take, and the company will decide for itself whether to initiate the project.

Requesting more information therefore requires no commitment from the company.

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